The Packaging Consultants International laboratory serves the single-service food and beverage packaging industry by helping it to maintain the quality of its products through an integrated consulting program. The major services Microbiological Testing consist of manufacturing plant audits, microbiological and chemical testing of products, and to act as a liaison with governmental regulatory agencies.

Plant Sanitation Audits

A yearly audit of the manufacturing plant is conducted to assist management in detecting problem areas and to recommend corrective measures. Recommendations from the audit may be used by management to enforce or initiate good manufacturing practices. The audit is conducted according to FDA standards to prepare plant personnel and the facility for possible inspection by governmental agencies and to meet the requirements of third-party audits requested by clients.

Microbiological Testing

The microbial quality of finished product and raw materials is monitored on a monthly basis to detect any contamination problems and to build a sanitary profile for these products. The PCI laboratory is FDA-certified for such tests and the results are accepted by all regulatory agencies of the government. In addition, should there be a contamination outbreak at a facility, PCI employees can travel to the site to trouble shoot the cause of the contamination.

The most common tests performed are total bacteria counts, total coliform, mold, yeast, pseudomonas, staphylococcus, salmonella, and listeria spp.

Chemical/Physical Testing

A wide range of chemical and physical tests are available for quality control, development of new products, and to ensure product and raw materials are in full compliance with appropriate sections of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). In addition, PCI also accepts heavy metal and water testing.

Extraction / Migration Testing

PCI performs extraction/migration testing for paper, plastic, and pulp manufacturers from around the world. PCI can test "raw" or finished product samples according to both Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulation and to the European Union Standards. PCI will work with clients to help determine necessary extraction testing conditions based on product uses. PCI tests packaging for both Aqueous and Fatty (Title 21 of CFR 176.170) and Dry Foods (Title 21 of CFR 176.180).

Additional Services

Some of the additional services offered by PCI are in-plant training seminars, organoleptic panel evaluations of products, microscopic and chemical analysis of product contaminants, as well as liaison with Federal and State Regulatory agencies.


I am very pleased with the prompt delivery of our microbiological results and excellent communication between our companies.

Susan Cornelius
Polytainers Inc. - Lee’s Summit, MO

PCI has been an invaluable resource for our facility over the past 6 years. The knowledge and assistance provided by Patrick and his team has been outstanding. Their professional staff, timely testing, and fantastic support for questions is impeccable. They have become a valuable extension of our team.

Linda Hughes
Greiner - Pittston, PA

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